Åk 7 ”secret friend” exercise

Åk 7 ”secret friend” exercise

Today in both classes of ÅK7 English I fixed a nice exercise at the end of the lesson. Each student got a random card with a name of a classmate on it, and I asked them to write something nice, positive or happy about that student WITHOUT writing their own name. A sort of “Secret Friend”.

So, at the end of the class, each student took a positive note with them for påsklov by another classmate.

They really liked it, everybody wrote something nice (in English) and afterwards I could see them being glad and giving hugs around, when they told each other what they wrote. It was a good way to finish English before the Easter break. I told them to keep the cards in their bags or lockers to look at, when they feel sad or have a bad day. It will make them feel better.

Have a good day!
Konstantinos Kellis

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