Food” part of 10 goda vanor with a fun group exercise

Food” part of 10 goda vanor with a fun group exercise

This week, we students of åk8 worked on the ”Food” part of 10 goda vanor with a fun group exercise. Every student named one ingredient that we use to make food or desserts. Afterwards, we gathered all the ingredients and every student was assigned one of them. For example, one student got ”pasta”, another one got ”beef”, another got ”chocolate”, osv.

We had to gather in groups of 3 to 5 and write a recipe that would use those students’ ingredients.

This way, most students formed groups that they would not usually do, chasing the classmates that had ingredients which worked well with their own, instead of forming groups with their friends.

In the end, every group had a ”food basket” with the ingredients to use, plus other ingredients such as ”bread, water, eggs, flour, olive oil, etc.” that every group could use for free.

”Jag har aldrig varit så populär i mitt liv!”

-Bacon, 8A

After we made the groups, we searched online for recipes close to what we had in our ”food basket”, and wrote our own recipes in A4 pages. We have been working on how one writes an instructive text as well as using the imperative form, so after checking our drafts with Dinos for mistakes, finally we wrote them in big A3 pages.

It was really fun to work in different groups, and now we want to make our recipes in HKK class!

Smaklig måltid!


”Avocado” 8C

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